Have you ever wondered what it takes for a restaurant to achieve the illustrious Michelin Star status? The hard work and determination teams of people have to endure with the hope of being awarded the elusive stars?

The Michelin guide, created by the tyre manufacturers, started its humble beginnings as a mere road map that assisted French motorists of where to find lodgings on their journey. Now years later the guide has become synonymous as the ultimate accreditation of chefs, restaurants and fine dining.

There is a great deal of secrecy around attaining the Michelin star. Restaurants are unaware when the Michelin trained inspectors will pay them a visit. They discreetly rate the venues on the quality of their cuisine, but also equal consideration is given to the decor and customer service. As a result, an initial star may be awarded, then after years of further reviews and consistent levels of service and quality, a restaurant my gain a further second and third star.

How restaurants actually reach the guide’s ‘noteworthy list of restaurants to visit’ is still unsure, but for certain word of mouth and press coverage are paramount. However even with a lot of publicity and local hype, it can take years to complete the review process and gain an actual star. Typically, a review is carried out on a yearly basis for at least 2-3 years normally by separate judges before they recommend that a first star should be awarded.

So what does each star actually signify? One star represents “very good restaurant in its category”. Despite only 414 restaurants in the world holding the two star status, the title is humbly categorised as “excellent cooking that is worth a detour”. The rare 3 star accolade held by a mere 113 restaurants in the world is categorised as simply “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey”. 

So what tips should a restaurant follow to increase their chances of earning this rare accolade.

1. Never let your standards slip!

An inspector could appear at any moment so treat all your customers as if they are appointed by the Michelin guide and consider that any night could be the night when an inspector will walk through the door.
Your front of house team must be professional and work efficiently with the back of house team, demonstrating slick team work, to ensure every diner receives exceptional Michelin Star level of service.
One off night could be all it takes to lose any hope of reaching star status.

2. Select your ingredients with care

Top chefs search high and low for unique and high-quality ingredients to include in their famed dishes. Consider the best local produce along with hard-to-find ingredients that make your dishes stand apart.
Visit your local suppliers regularly to ensure they see your commitment to high standards and to develop an understanding of their farming or production methods.

3. Creating future trends

The most famous Michelin Star chefs think outside the box when it comes to creating dishes. From the presentation to the aromas, the ambiance of each dish and the unusual ingredients – their dishes continually break the mold of a standard dining experience.
Always consider that the sky is the limit when creating the ultimate dining experience and ensure to add a part of your personality into each dish.

4. Select you team with care

Source chefs that have already trained with Michelin Star chefs. They will naturally already have the drive and commitment necessary to help you achieve Star status and work to the business ethics needed within an established Michelin Star rated team.

We at Quadranet have worked with many of the finest restaurants in Great Britain and we are proud to provide some of the tools to help the kitchen, reservations and front of house teams to work efficiently and to the high standards demanded by Michelin Star restaurants. We have watched the dedication, perseverance and hard work of these restaurants as they have grown and flourished into Michelin star standard restaurants.

One such example is the exceptional restaurant Sketch. We have had the honour of working with Sketch since 2002 and they have recently been awarded their third Michelin star.

Their exceptional dishes and drive to deliver the best customer experience is worthy of their three Star status.
Congratulations to their whole team for their well-deserved accolade!