Quadranet has launched their new service called STOCK. With supplier costs forever fluctuating, it’s hard to ensure your GP margins are still in line with your yearly targets. With STOCK you can track your supplier costs and automatically monitor if any variances effect individual recipe margins. It’s as simple as using the transparent EPOS and STOCK link that allows you to recreate your recipes online.
Our EPOS system will tell you how many of each menu items has been sold. STOCK will highlight, via set par levels, when it’s time to re order the ingredients. Track your costs and spend with each supplier and the easy to use margin calculator will set your preferred GP levels to calculate the selling price for you.
Your stock taking will be made effortless with our easy to download/upload feature. Simply upload your stock take counts into STOCK and we will generate the reports to allow you to monitor trends as well as profitability.
STOCK will also give you additional peace of mind when tracking allergens. Simply record the allergens against each product and we will ensure that this information is shared across every recipe. 
To ask for a demonstration of our STOCK system call +44 (0)1494 473 337 or email us at info@quadranet.co.uk