Clayton’s Kitchen

At Clayton’s Kitchen, we love the intelligent simplicity of Quadranet Reservations…

From Galvins, London

“The Quadranet Enterprise Solution provides a platform for our busy and diverse group to know our business and our customers in tremendous detail. We at the heart of Galvins have complete confidence in the business intelligence that allows us to manage the business effectively and flexibly from the centre.” Galvins, London

The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

“Our best performing Xmas ever. Thanks Quadranet, solid as a rock. The SMS reminder facility made a massive difference to our no-shows and time saving.” The Merchant Hotel, Belfast

The Three Acres, Huddersfield

“This is brilliant. Really happy with the system” The Three Acres, Huddersfield

JKS, London

“Quadranet Reservations is completely reliable, simple to use and maintain. It enables us to capture and use vital marketing data on our guests from tracking tools for both internet bookings and those from standard delivery channels.” JKS, London

Dome, Edinburgh

“Quadranet has transformed the way the place works and has improved the guys’ lives.” Dome, Edinburgh

Fifteen Cornwall & Chief Executive, Cornwall Food Foundation

“The long term relationship between Quadranet and Fifteen is so important; a long term partnership with key suppliers like Quadranet has been instrumental in the growth and success of Fifteen so far and we fully expect that it will be integral to our growth and expansion into different areas in 2017 / 18.” Fifteen Cornwall […]

D&D, London

Working in a dynamic group requires up-to-date information – everyday and year round. Quadranet reports our group-wide sales at 5.30 every morning. Andrea Preusch Pearson, D&D, London

Jeremy Roberts, Commercial Director and Co-Founder, Living Ventures

“The availability controlled in Quadranet’s Reservation system is such that we can accommodate an extra 15-20% more diners at peak times for any given session. This directly results in more diners, more revenue and better customer service.” Jeremy Roberts, Commercial Director and Co-Founder, Living Ventures

Hotel Okura, Amsterdam

“Quadranet Reservations has been an excellent investment for our F&B operation. It enables us to accommodate up to 20% more restaurant bookings, increase our turnover and productivity, and enhance the quality and consistency of our customer service.” Hotel Okura, Amsterdam