Helping you optimise your business performance and control while delivering the perfect guest experience.

With Quadranet trusted to help restaurateurs and hoteliers seat over 100m guests across the world every year, you can be assured that we know your business inside out and exactly what you need from your management and control systems.  With us you can check bookings, sales, purchases, discounts and banking for all your sites on any browser at any time - with data updated every 15 minutes.

Our software has been meticulously designed and rigorously tested to meet the demands of today’s ever-changing and ever-challenging hospitality environment. Our hardware is selected to perfectly complement our systems, ensuring we only ever provide our customers with the most appropriate and robust solutions available.

Quadranet Hospitality Suite - the one-stop shop  for the entire customer journey.  We make perfect guest management easy - and here’s how we do it…


Online Booking with ‘Reserved Dining’

  • Dynamic online reservations
  • Next best alternatives, if selected time not available
  • Take credit card details, if required
  • SMS Confirmation
  • Twitter and Facebook bookings

Reserved Dining is a powerful, white-label web booking interface which sits in an iframe, works on all platforms and devices (including smart phones) and can be configured in minutes.

Along with standard bookings, Reserved Dining has been designed to work with promotions and their specific availability. When a guest’s first choice booking is not available, Reserved Dining automatically queries multiple times and days to find the best possible availability and presents a range of alternatives closest to the requested time and on previous and next days.

This ability to instantly provide guests with alternative options helps avoid the disappointment that can often lose a sale. For guest groups it will even recommend sister sites.

When a guest books online via Reserved Dining or Reservations they are automatically sent a personalised SMS confirmation message. Prior to arrival, they can be sent an SMS reminder giving them the option to confirm or cancel their booking reducing the number of ‘no-shows’ and avoiding time-consuming manual reconfirmations.

Quadranet Reservations and Live Check-in

  • Take bookings and deposits
  • Superb in-session management with Live Check-In
  • See and amend deposits in EPOS
  • Email or SMS confirmations

Quadranet Reservations provides you and your team with the capability to expertly manage your reservations process and maximise covers while Live Check-In gives you superb in-session flexibility, allowing you to accommodate guest preferences and walk-ins while managing other session demands in real time.

Optimised Table Allocation

Quadranet Reservations is much more than a simple diary. When presented with direct or online bookings (including those made via Facebook or Twitter) it uses a unique and powerful algorithm to actively manage the many configurations possible to accommodate guests at both individual tables and tables joined together to accommodate a larger party.

Taking account of the specific layout of your venue and the different characteristics of dining at different sessions and on different days, it allows you to accommodate many more guests without compromising speed or quality of service - maximising table utilisation and your cash flow.

Live Check-In

This innovative feature offers an intuitive, browser-based, drag-and-drop table and waitlist management solution that gives you fully-flexible, real time in-session management. Fully-configurable white label email and SMS confirmations can be sent to guests while full integration to Quadranet EPOS allows detailed guest profiles to be built up and interrogated.

Know Who’s Coming

Our easy-to-use booking and customer notes capability means you’ll know exactly which guest are coming giving you the opportunity to make their experience more personal and engaging. It also retains and highlights important guest information from personal preferences to vital allergies alerts helping you build a bond with your guests that optimises the potential for repeat visits.

Optimised Guest Communications and Active Waitlist Management

Our automatic, scheduled confirmations and re-confirmations via email and SMS not only help you make the right impression ahead of the guest’s visit but also give you active management of your waitlist, making ‘no-shows’ a thing of the past.

The Live Waiting List in Reservations can also take advantage of SMS integration. When a guest is added to the waiting list they are sent a confirmation text message which is then followed by a second message when their table is ready - creating a fully-integrated paging system.

Know the Progress of Diners at a Glance

Live Check-In uses colours to highlight the status of individual tables throughout the dining experience. At a glance you can identify if an order has been taken, which course the diners are on and the progress of the bill.

This ability to quickly review the detailed status of every table optimises your flexibility to seat bookings and manage walk-ins – minimising turnaround time while maximising your covers and revenues.


Quadranet EPOS

Quadranet EPOS is a complete terminal and tablet-based EPOS system that streamlines the ordering process.

Designed for use in any scenario from fine dining restaurants to quick bar service, our class-leading system provides everything you need to optimise your service and control while enhancing your guests’ experience. So it effortlessly helps you manage all your everyday money-taking challenges like discount management, deposit and voucher tracking, prix fixe, special price lists, split bills and loyalty or gift card payments.

Quadranet EPOS is a sophisticated and totally scalable system that perfectly balances flexibility and control, giving you the freedom to run your venue the way you want to. Brimming with features, security-focused and built to last, it’s no wonder that Quadranet EPOS is the system of choice for enterprises large and small right across the globe.

Seamless Reservations / EPOS Link

  • Know your customer at a glance with waiter slips
  • Take an order from a terminal or a mobile device
  • Track the visit in real time
  • Manage deposits, split bills and take payment

The seamless Res/EPOS link ensures that essential information is shared automatically between these two systems enhancing and streamlining the front of house operation.

When a guest arrives and is seated, their details - including likes, dislikes, allergy information and party size - are automatically attached to their table in EPOS. Any deposit that has been taken for this booking is automatically added to the bill - saving time, reducing mistakes and avoiding lost deposits.

While guests are seated, EPOS users can access and edit their information from Reservations and their table status is automatically shared between the two systems. Once the guest has left, their order details are automatically passed back to Reservations to create an invaluable guest profile.

Waiterslip Printing

When a guest is seated via Quadranet Reservations, a waiterslip can be automatically or manually printed giving staff invaluable information about the arriving guests including their booking history, seating and eating preferences and any promotions they have enjoyed. Crucially, it will also alert them to any allergies the guests suffer from so suitable choices and adaptations can be suggested.

Optimised Throughput, Security and Time Management

With payments streamlined through Integrated Chip & Pin, guest turnover is maximised, security enhanced and your time management optimised. And with our system overriding the need for end of night reconciliations, you’ll always be able to finish on time.

Seamless Integration with leading PMS systems

While optimised performance, flexibility and control is enabled through integration with Quadranet Reservations, our EPOS system also integrates seamlessly with all leading PMS systems.

Optimised Financial Control

With its parameter-driven specification and multiple audit and tracking streams, Quadranet EPOS gives you total control of your revenues as you track transactions and movements and ensure all receipts are fully accounted for.

Quadranet Loyalty

  • Optimise loyalty and guest retention
  • Target your promotions

Quadranet Loyalty allows guests to accrue points based on their EPOS spend. Multiple loyalty tiers and promotions - double points on Tuesdays for example - can be created and used to incentivise guests to revisit. Once accrued, guests can redeem their points against future EPOS orders.

Guests can request and/or activate a loyalty card online using Web Sign Up, a white-label interface designed to sit in an iframe on your website. Once registered, a member can use the interface to review their loyalty points balance.

Using Web Dashboard you can issue loyalty cards, award and redeem points from single or multiple members and view member activity such as total sign-ups, total outstanding balances and accruals/redemptions over a given period of time.

Quadranet Kitchen Screens

  • Total control of kitchen delivery
  • Dynamic communication between front and back of house

Quadranet Kitchen Screens is uniquely designed to offer full two-way communication between the kitchen and front of house teams.

As well as pushing orders to an unlimited number of screen combinations, Quadranet Kitchen Screens also features configurable monitor options allowing their front of house colleagues and/or guests to always be fully informed on progress in the kitchen through comprehensive status updates.

Kitchen printing and kitchen screens are fully configurable from single printer sites to multi-kitchen restaurants and the system also includes a full deposit ledger which, when linked to Quadranet Reservations, streamlines the dining experience even further.

Centralised and Local Reporting

  • Optimises Customer Relationship Marketing
  • Detailed centralised reporting (operations and finance)
  • ‘Heads up’ emails by 7am
  • Real-time reporting
  • Create bespoke enquiries
  • Know precisely what happened in every part of your site, brand or group
  • Local Reporting of KPIs helps sites judge their performance

Quadranet Reporting puts a wide range of historic, comparative and forecast data at your fingertips, enabling you to assess operational and financial performance right across your business and in all key areas of activity such as bookings, arrivals, covers, deposits, no-shows and cancellations.

Our reporting is designed to meet your individual needs – that’s why it’s presented on a group-wide basis, by geography, by brand or by individual sites and locations.

Reporting is provided via a secure website with access levels tailored down to individual users from the widest possible access across an entire group to individual reports applicable to a single site or user.

Data is imported by an SSIS package that runs six times overnight into our databases. Any reservation data that has changed is stored in a transaction file with the pace and likelihood of change measured for forecasting purposes.

If you need information in the moment, our Centralised Reporting feature provides up-to-date business reports within 15 minutes, accessible how and where you choose. How did it go at lunch? How did that promotion do today across the Group? Our real-time reporting lets you catch up with discounts, covers and all those other vital KPIs on any compatible device, anywhere in the world.

Likewise, our SMS Alert service helps you identify any unusual activity at any of your sites in real time. So if you notice something out of the ordinary, such as service being removed after a bill has been printed, you can investigate without delay.

With CRM and Marketing you can effortlessly unleash the profitable potential of your most valuable asset - your customer database. The CRM tools not only tell you how often a guest has visited but also when they came, what they ate and how much they spent.

And with the return on your promotions quantified, your Marketing Department will love their ability to develop new promotions based on hard, verifiable data.

Quadranet Stock Control

  • Single data entry, EPOS integration, Reporting, Stock-take
  • Make and manage orders
  • Review and revise your menus and recipes to maximise profitability
  • See sales and purchases for individual sites and the enterprise as a whole
  • Available in real-time through Centralised Reporting

Quadranet Stock Control puts you in total control of your inventory by providing you with a comprehensive and constantly updated overview of your inventory status that informs and optimises your management of ordering, costs and accountability.

Fully-integrated with Quadranet EPOS with superb reporting against a range of KPIs, ‘Stock Control’ provides you and your team with precise details on what has been sold and what needs to be ordered.  It also checks price and calculates profitability, flagging up items or recipes where price changes affect your business return and allowing you to switch items or re-engineer recipes to achieve your target returns.

Other Features

Integrated Chip & Pin Payments

Our fully PCI-compliant integrated card payments and tokenisation system allows deposit-taking through both Desktop and Web Reservations and the Reserved Dining web booking interface.

Deposits taken are then pushed directly into Quadranet EPOS when the guest arrives. With tokenisation, card details can be taken and held as insurance against ‘no-shows’ meaning that, if a customer chooses, a ‘no-show fee’ can be levied.

Fully-integrated card payments allow users to take fast, accurate payment at the table - including complicated splits, multiple payments and gratuities - without having to return to the EPOS terminal.

Time & Attendance (Fingerprint recognition)

  • Manage clocking in and out across the whole enterprise with Time and Attendance
  • Keep track of staff working in multiple locations
  • Feeds automatically into Moneysoft payroll
  • Compare labour metrics across the group - with reports for sales and booking measures

Using passwords, swipe cards, RFID tags and/or biometrics, Time & Attendance allows you to keep an accurate track of your Quadranet EPOS users’ shifts. When linked to Centralised Reporting, Time & Attendance allows you to track users across multiple sites and upload this information to your accounting packages.

Third Party Booking Interface

Quadranet Reservations can amalgamate bookings from multiple sources - including third party websites. Using our unique booking algorithm, multiple booking sources can be handled without creating over-bookings or leaving ‘allocated’ tables needlessly empty.

PMS Booking Interface

Quadranet EPOS can integrate with a growing number of PMS solutions allowing hotel guests to book restaurant tables without having to create duplicate profiles in multiple applications.

Benefits include; posting your daily Restaurant sales back to your PMS, querying credit limits and charging payments to rooms or hotel guests. Once a bill is closed, a complete item breakdown can also be passed across to the PMS system.

Centralised Menu Replication with individual Prices

With CMR you can update all sites with menu changes from the master menu while infinite price bands ensure each brand or even site can feature its own price and its own currency. Centralised menu updates mean that your Head Office can synchronise multiple sites and remain up-to-date at all times.

Multiple brands can be integrated into a single database with the relevant subset of items automatically selected and updated for each site. This standardisation allows PLU codes to be shared across brands making Centralised Reporting more effective and efficient.

FTP Upload

Once a site’s sales data has been imported into Centralised Reporting it is then available for export for use with any third party stock and accounting packages.

So, with Quadranet, you have the assurance that your business can be managed, optimised and controlled by you, whenever you want from wherever you choose

Quadranet Hospitality Suite ensures your Group, Brand and Site teams - everyone from your Regional Manager to your Waiters - have all the tools they need to create the perfect guest experience, while your HR and Marketing departments always have access to all the information they need to optimise their activity.

But what about your Accountant?

Well, your Finance department will be pleased to know we offer our systems as both an outright purchase or, if the Quadranet Hospitality Suite is installed, as an “all in” deal on a rental basis. So, if it suits you, the whole system can be taken off the balance sheet .

And the final bonus? Quadranet not only offers the best systems and support available – they’re also the most cost-effective solution in the market.

To find out exactly what Quadranet can do for you, just pick up the phone or drop us an email.

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