The Quadranet Hospitality and Restaurant Booking System

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Our restaurant booking system’s optimised table allocation manages your table allocation and recognises the different characteristics of dining at different sessions and on different days.

Be in touch automatic and scheduled booking confirmations by email and SMS

Active waitlist management optimise your covers with email and SMS confirmations

Enhanced customer-facing time as handheld ordering gives more opportunities to interact with customers

  • If the chosen reservation time is not available, the Next Best Alternative option, increases your bookings by up to 12%
  • Take credit card details
  • Twitter and Facebook bookings
  • SMS confirmation message


Make your marketing pay with an up-to-date database of “live” email addresses and spend patterns, to profile and target customers.

Offer Diners rewards in the form of points, discounts and gift cards using QuadRewards.

Diners can sign up online to your tailored loyalty scheme, then download our QuadRewards App branded to you – available on Apple Store and Google Play. Using QR technology, there is no need for a plastic card.

Flexible rule creation allows you to control your business & reward your members. For example, offer 10% off main courses on a Monday, a free glass of fizz on a Friday, double points when dining early evening – the possibilities are endless.

Optimised brand uniformity with your tills centrally updated through our ‘Centralised Reporting’ system.

Increased margins by applying spend data to actively manage reservations availability.

Our restaurant booking system, Quadranet Reservations, can amalgamate bookings from multiple sources – including third party websites. Multiple booking sources can be handled without creating over-bookings or leaving ‘allocated’ tables needlessly empty.

Allows you to maintain customer records as stipulated by your GDPR controller.


Quadranet EPOS is a complete terminal and tablet-based EPOS system that streamlines the ordering process and helps manage all your money-taking challenges like discount management, deposit and voucher tracking, prix fixe, special price lists, split bills and loyalty or gift card payments.

Minimised turnaround time as you manage arrivals at a glance with our large maître d’ screen.

Optimised in-session management flexibility through our Live Check-In system.

Seamless Reservations / EPOS Link.

When a guest is seated, their details e.g. preferences, allergy information and party size – are automatically attached to their table in EPOS. Any deposits are automatically added to the bill – saving time, reducing mistakes and avoiding lost deposits.

Afterwards client order details are automatically passed back to Reservations creating an invaluable guest profile.

Quadranet Kitchen Screens are designed to offer two-way communication between the kitchen and front of house, allowing them to be fully informed on kitchen and service progress through status updates.

PMS Booking Interface Quadranet EPOS can integrate with a number of PMS solutions allowing hotel guests to book restaurant tables without having to create duplicate profiles in multiple applications.

Centralised Menu Replication with individual Prices update all sites with menu changes from a master menu. Each site can feature its own price and its own currency.


Optimised deposit management with the Integrated Bookings Management/EPOS link and Deposit Handling.

Optimised connectivity a seamless interface to PMS systems such as Fidelio, Guestline and Protel with spend permissions validated pre-transaction before spend data is transferred to the PMS.

Quadranet EPOS gives you total control of your revenues as you track transactions and movements and ensure all receipts are fully accounted for.

Quadranet Reporting offers a range of historic, comparative and forecast data to assess operational and financial performance in key areas such as bookings, arrivals, covers, deposits, no-shows and cancellations.

Plus our Centralised Reporting feature provides instant up-to-date business reports within 15 minutes.

Time & Attendance management with fingerprint recognition allows you to keep an accurate track of your staff across multiple sites and upload this information to your accounting and payroll packages. Compare labour metrics across the group – with reports for sales and booking measures.

Integrated Chip & Pin Payments Our fully PCI-compliant integrated card payments and tokenisation system allows deposit-taking through both Desktop and Web Reservations and the Reserved Dining web booking interface.

With tokenisation, card details can be held as insurance against ‘no-shows’ so a ‘no-show fee’ can be levied.

Fully-integrated card payments allow users to pay at the table – including complicated splits, multiple payments and gratuities – without having to return to the EPOS terminal.

Quadranet Stock Control offers an overview of your inventory status, including ordering, costs and accountability. It also checks price and calculates profitability, flagging up items or recipes where price changes affect margins, allowing you to change recipes. With STOCK you can track your supplier costs and automatically monitor if any variances affect individual recipe margins.

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