Fuller, Smith & Turner are a Continuing Success Story

Fuller, Smith & Turner are a Continuing Success Story

Fuller, Smith & Turner are a continuing success story we should all follow closely.

With the ongoing press stories about the bleak experiences of a number of high street restaurant chains, it is always good to celebrate the successes. One such company that has bucked the recent trend is Fuller, Smith & Turner. This growing company runs 182 tenanted pubs and 203 managed pubs and hotels with more planned throughout the year.

The company allocates a lot of their success to not only a strong offering of fresh home cooked food, outstanding craft ale, great wine and exceptional service, but also the company’s decision to maintain its investment programmes throughout the last recession. As a result they not only won new customers but also gained an increase in the market share.

Michael Turner, Chairman of Fuller, Smith & Turner recently shared

‘We believe in ensuring that our excellent pub estate, our breweries and our teams are in the best position to continue to deliver outstanding service to our customers and to grow in the future.’

One of these recent ongoing improvements that Fullers undertook was to upgrade to Quadranet Solutions throughout their Tenanted Division. Quadranet has been working extensively with Fullers, Smith & Turner over the last few months, working on the roll out of the Quadranet solution across their 182 tenant pubs.

Jamie Reed Business Development Manager for the Tenanted Team said

“We were looking for an EPOS solution that provided the functionality, reporting and support you would expect in a large managed house Company system, but that was competitive enough in price and customisable for our tenants to use on a single-site or small multiple basis. After meeting with Quadranet to discuss our requirements, it became clear very quickly that they offered the ideal solution. Since we started working with them 18 months ago, I and our tenants have been delighted not only with the quality of the system, but more especially the support and willingness of everyone at Quadranet to help, regardless the issue. As we continue to roll out the system within our tenanted estate, I couldn’t be happier to be working in partnership with Quadranet.”

Michael Turner added in his Chairman’s Statement

“It has also been a good year for our Tenanted Inns. This year, like for like profit in this part of the business rose 4%. Engagement with our Tenants is good and I am delighted to see so many taking advantage of access to more favourable purchasing terms through our food suppliers and back of house support.”

Web are looking to following Fuller, Smith and Turner’s ongoing success story.

Quadranet Enjoys the Henley Regatta

Quadranet Enjoys the Henley Regatta

Quadranet was delighted to welcome a number of their wonderful clients to this year’s Henley Royal Regatta, on July 4th.

Members of the teams from Olympic Cinema, Individual Restaurants, SmokeStak, CERU, Aqua, Gladwin Bros, Dome and Neighbourhood joined us for the racing, Quadranet presentations and most importantly, prosecco!

John, Ben, Mike and Dave gave presentations on a number of exciting new Quadranet features and updates, including: FutureRes5, HTB3, Kitchen Screens and Stock. As well as Rosie Relton and Adam Purslow delivering a presentation on ‘The Customer Experience’ on behalf of beloved client, Individual Restaurants.

Quadranet CEO, John Truman said, “This year’s Regatta was a fun filled event we were delighted to share it with our valued clients, who took the opportunity to fill us in on developments their end, while watching Upper Thames Rowing Club win.”

The group enjoyed a buffet and drinks by the river before heading back to HDV Henley for an opportunity for all of the Quadranet team to meet some of our clients.

The day was a huge success and fun was had by all. We can’t wait for the next one!

Quadranet launches its next generation of services…

Quadranet launches its next generation of services…

Quadranet has launched their new service called STOCK. With supplier costs forever fluctuating, it’s hard to ensure your GP margins are still in line with your yearly targets. With STOCK you can track your supplier costs and automatically monitor if any variances effect individual recipe margins. It’s as simple as using the transparent EPOS and STOCK link that allows you to recreate your recipes online.
Our EPOS system will tell you how many of each menu items has been sold. STOCK will highlight, via set par levels, when it’s time to re order the ingredients. Track your costs and spend with each supplier and the easy to use margin calculator will set your preferred GP levels to calculate the selling price for you.
Your stock taking will be made effortless with our easy to download/upload feature. Simply upload your stock take counts into STOCK and we will generate the reports to allow you to monitor trends as well as profitability.
STOCK will also give you additional peace of mind when tracking allergens. Simply record the allergens against each product and we will ensure that this information is shared across every recipe. 
To ask for a demonstration of our STOCK system call +44 (0)1494 473 337 or email us at info@quadranet.co.uk