Features of RES or EPOS systems Added features of the Hospitality Suite

Optimised Operational Efficiency

Helping you drive performance and customer satisfaction at every stage of your customers' dining experience

At Quadranet, we know where efficiency really counts and that's why our Hospitality Suite is designed to optimise cover management and margin in a range of innovative, intelligent and intuitive ways.

But that's far from the end of the story. We also know that driving efficiency in areas such as communications, deposit management and brand building can also have a tangible impact on your revenue and, ultimately, your profitability.

And in each of these areas, the Quadranet Hospitality Suite delivers for your business.

Reservations, incl online Res

Optimised table allocation as our unique and powerful algorithm actively manages your table allocation, taking account of tables of different size and shape and recognising the different characteristics of dining at different sessions and on different days

Bookings Confirmations

Be in touch automatic and scheduled confirmations by email and SMS

Active waitlist management further optimising your covers with email and SMS confirmations

Orders / Checks

Enhanced customer-facing time as handheld ordering gives you more opportunities to interact and build relationships with customers

Optimised kitchen communication with our fast and flexible EPOS print service and print screens

Live Check-In

Minimised turnaround time as you manage arrivals at a glance with our super-large maître d' screen

Optimised in-session management flexibility through our Live Check-In system

Payments / Tills / Point of Sale

Optimised deposit management never lose a deposit thanks to seamless customer handling through the Integrated Bookings Management/EPOS link and Deposit Handling

Increased throughput and security as you streamline payment handling with Integrated Chip & Pin

Optimised time management always finish on time as Integrated Chip & Pin overrides the need for end of the night reconciliations

Loyalty Offers

Make your marketing pay with an up-to-date database of "live" email addresses and up-to-the-minute spend patterns, marketing can be precisely pointed at target customers

Marketing Management / CRM

Increased margins by applying spend data actively to manage reservations availability

Group Centralised Reporting

Optimised brand uniformity with your tills centrally updated through our 'Centralised Reporting' system

Management and Control

Optimised connectivity a seamless interface to PMS systems such as Fidelio, Guestline and Protel with spend permissions validated pre-transaction before spend data is transferred to the PMS

Improve staffing with our Time & Attendance feature, with fingerprint log-in.

Optimised Central & Local Control

Giving you the power to optimise business management through knowledge-driven decision-making and centralised control

The Quadranet Hospitality Suite provides an unrivalled combination of tailored reporting and operational flexibility that allows you to optimise your business knowledge while controlling financial and marketing activity at a global or local level – all from a central point.

Our Centralised Reporting system delivers operational and financial performance data precisely configured to your needs and those of your management team, allowing you to make strategic financial and marketing decisions based on real-time knowledge.

This powerful analytical tool enables you to analyse any aspect of your business, from the highest global level to the most detailed - drilling down by region, site, brand, venue, revenue stream or line item.

Your business knowledge can be shared in a controlled and targeted manner across the management team to inform group-wide and local level activity – such as a promotion across all venues or a local campaign suitable for a specific site – as well as setting appropriate performance targets and comparative review.

Reservations, incl online Res Know who is coming with booking and customer notes
Bookings Confirmations Make "no shows" a thing of the past with confirmations and re-confirmations by email and SMS
Orders / Checks Have peace of mind be sure the order has been sent to the correct printer in the kitchen, bar or other dispense - and there is a full audit of every sent item thereafter
Live Check-In Know the progress of diners at a glance tables change colours on the restaurant screen as the meal progresses and take an informed chance on a "walk-in"
Payments / Tills / Point of Sale Keep control of your revenues the system has audit and checks to keep track of revenues and ensure receipts are fully accounted for
Loyalty Offers A million potential customers our customers have more than one million signed up members to their loyalty schemes - and those are run by us
Marketing Management / CRM Create complete customer histories with customer preference and spend data aggregated from the various Hospitality Suite elements you can build up detailed customer profiles that drive loyalty programmes, tailored promotions and relevant marketing communications

Tailor the application of discounts control promotions, prix fixes and special price lists through the system-configured timing and managerial hierarchy (controlling who in your business can authorise pricing changes and discounts)

Group Centralised Reporting Work across your business from a central point optimising your time and control

Review individual sites from the local site wherever you are in your business you've always got total visibility and control at the local level

Benchmark performance through Centralised Reporting you can receive detailed side-by-side operational reports allowing you to compare individual site performance with your 'best of breed'

Management and Control Achieve seamless data exchange at every stage in the customer dining experience from Reservations to EPOS

Manage wage costs across your business with the Time & Attendance system you know exactly when and where your people are working

Optimised Customer Knowledge

Creating detailed customer profiles that help you build lasting relationships and deliver effective marketing campaigns

Using high-quality and real-time customer information, the Quadranet Hospitality Suite allows your business to optimise both loyalty and incremental sales by consistently exceeding customer expectations and through personalised and relevant marketing communications.

The Quadranet Hospitality Suite gathers customer information at every stage of their journey through your business, creating detailed customer profiles that help you optimise loyalty, identify trends and create effective marketing campaigns.

Detailed Customer Profiling Gain total customer knowledge really get to know and understand your customers from data gathered at every stage from Reservations through to EPOS, such as when they like to visit, how often they visit, where they prefer to sit, their typical party size, their diet profile, how much they spend on average and on what items

Identify your high value customers by analysing the profiles of your top customers to direct availability towards the best customers, particularly in the busiest sessions

Know what's driving current customer activity use the Hospitality Suite to track bookings and trends to identify changes or new aspects in customer behaviour

Analyse booking channel performance with every customer transaction recorded across your business, you can see the value of every booking and the contribution made by each of your booking channels

Optimised Marketing Deliver targeted marketing with detailed customer profiles at your fingertips you can optimise Customer Relationship Management by pinpointing customers most likely to respond to a specific campaign

Ensure a positive response with a detailed knowledge of customer preferences and habits you can achieve a valued dialogue with customers for offers and special occasions and increase the likelihood of a positive response

Optimise return visits use your customer knowledge to secure returns with targeted promotions and offers

Create tailored Loyalty schemes a detailed understanding of your customers allows you to create tailored Loyalty schemes for your business or brand

Take the whole suite to realise the full potential to your business

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